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It is no secret for anyone that Microsoft’s massive campaign promoting the new Windows Vista operating system was if not a complete disaster, then at least a partial failure. Its outcome turned out to be pretty far from the initial expectations. Although overall the new OS turned out quite OK and boasted a number of innovations that distinguished it in a positive way from the outdated Windows XP, a number of compatibility issues as well as extremely high system requirements did have a serious effect on the popularity of the new Windows Vista among the masses. The extremely aggressive promotion of the new OS also contributed to this outcome, because very often the user was simply left with no choice: first, it was relatively hard to find Windows XP drivers for a number of new hardware devices, and second, only Windows Vista supported the new DirectX 10 API. All these reasons didn’t make the new Microsoft OS a people product. Especially gamers were mostly forced to install it rather than did it out of their own free will due to attractive features and fast performance.

Although Service Pack 1 and then Service Pack 2 did cure some of the “childhood issues”, the developers understood that the new OS was a market failure despite all the innovations. As a result, Microsoft undertook an unprecedented measure having forced the development of their next operation system that was coming to replace Vista called Windows 7. The final version of Microsoft Windows 7 should hit the market on October 22, 2009, which is less than three years after Windows Vista came out. It is really something that has never happened before in the entire history of the Redmond giant. They are currently very aggressive in promoting Windows 7: they made Release Candidate 1 version available to general public on May 5, 2009. Moreover, Microsoft again did something they had never done before: they allowed anyone who downloaded Windows 7 RC1 to work in it without any restrictions up until March 2010! This measure speaks better than words showing once again how unsuccessful the Windows Vista marketing campaign was and what a cool welcome it received from the computer user community. Just a few days ago, on July 18, one more thing happened that once again confirmed how extremely accelerated the development of the new OS is: the final RTM version of Windows 7 operating system leaked into the Internet and we have our suspicions that this leak may have been planned by Microsoft as another way of increasing the popularity of the new OS.

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