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Six Years of Glory and Counting

Without any doubt, the main feature serving as the base for World of Warcraft is its pick for color palette and game world model design. Somehow Blizzard artists managed to create a timeless product, with never aging gene. Other games and titles have lived and died, in large part due to aging of their engines, but WoW, remarkably, still manages to look fresh and contemporary even today. If you are looking for an atmospheric inspiration as a game designer, you should definitely spend some time in Azeroth. 



If in the beginning the game lacked such simple and popular features as real time rendered shadows and shaders, new updates and expansion packs added them gradually. If something was not done in the initial release it was easily added in the later expansion packs. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade introduced reshuffled balance, Blood Elf and Draenei as additional races alongside with some graphics engine tweaks. This gaming title was highly praised by the gaming community and boosted worldwide adaptation and sales to record heights. 



In the end after much struggle and raid group build up, even such iconic character as a hero class demon hunter Illidan Stormrage was defeated in Outland and Blizzard decided to release Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack. Backed by increased level cap, new Death Knight class and Northrend continental mass, Arthas awaited the raiding parties at his frozen kingdom. The game engine graphics part was not changed as significantly as before. At the same time new locations looked really stunning and in a way felt like a WoW 2.0.

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