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XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition

Package and Accessories

Besides just competing with their products, graphics card manufacturers are also running a contest for the best product package design. Originality of design is a sure way to attract the potential customer. They experiment with size, colors, material, but the shape of the package usually remains the classic rectangle. XFX, however, is not afraid to step away from the conventions. Its very original X-shaped box was mentioned in our XFX GeForce 6600 GDDR2 review called XFX GeForce 6600 GDDR2: GeForce 6600 Rejuvenated and it is in a similar box that the XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition comes to us:

This is by far not the optimal solution when it comes to transportation and storage, but this deficiency is made up for by the queer shape of the box that is certain to provoke an interest in a computer shop customer. This customer attraction tactic must be working fine since XFX doesn’t seem to want to give up its X-shaped packages.

The box is the same for the entire XFX GeForce 7600 GT line, so it is only a special sticker that indicates that the described product belongs to the XXX Edition series. Yet another sticker tells you that a copy of the 3D shooter Starship Troopers is included with the graphics card. There’s a flap in the top part of the box; you can open it to learn more about the product: memory type, memory bus, the configuration of connectors, and the type of the set of accessories. The picture on the package is ordinary enough and shows you a humanoid monster in a mask, with riveted bracelets on the wrists of its paws and a length of chain behind the back. On the reverse side of the box there are two windows through which you can see a plastic container with the card. The bigger window gives you a good view of the card proper without your having to open the box; the smaller opening shows the connectors the card is equipped with and the product barcode, which is very convenient.

But that’s about all the conveniences the package of the XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition can offer. For example, it’s not easy even to open it up. You have to tear off or cut up as many as eight transparent stickers just to remove the colorful wrapping from the box. You can leave it as it is, though, and only cut two stickers to open the internal box and take out the contents, which is yet another (this time square-shaped) box with two containers: a cardboard container with the accessories and a transparent plastic container with the graphics card. The X-shaped seal with the skulls and signs of radioactive, biological and chemical hazards is missing here (see our previous review to see what we mean): it’s not necessary because the graphics card container catches on the sides of the package and it’s rather hard to take it out. Be careful not to cut your fingers on the thin plastic edges, though!

The container with the accessories includes the following items:

  • English-language user manual
  • Multilingual installation guide
  • Advertisement for XFX XGear gamepads
  • Two DVI-I → D-Sub adapters
  • YPbPr splitter
  • S-Video cable
  • CD with drivers
  • DVD with Starship Troopers

The user manual is quite informative and up to the contemporary realities of the computer world, while the installation guide is somewhat out-dated and doesn’t even mention the PCI Express bus which is currently the number one graphics interface.

So, you won’t get too many of accessories with your XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition, but the checkmark next to the word “Standard” in the “Package Edition” column on the package’s flap honestly warns you about that. To sweeten the impression somewhat, there is a copy of the 3D shooter Starship Troopers inside. The game has a straightforward plot, but features thrilling and variegated missions, good visuals with modern-age special effects, and a lot of enemies of course. There can be up to two or three hundred alien “bugs” on the screen simultaneously, so if you like mass battles – check out this title! This addition to the graphics card will also be appreciated by all fans of sci-fi shooters since Starship Troopers is based on the namesake movie which in its turn draws upon the sci-fi universe created by Robert Heinlein.

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