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Package and Accessories

The graphics card is packed into a standard-size box colored warm yellow and orange hues typical of the brand.

The color scheme is nice but the picture on the face side of the box is not very friendly looking. Perhaps some people will find the predatory teeth-showing lizard quite an appealing symbol, though. As usual, the box shows the basic technical specs of the product save for the GPU and memory clock rates but the pre-overclocked frequencies of the card are indicated by the Overclocked and AMP! Edition captions.

The main cardboard box under the colorful wrapper contains pieces of foam rubber with cutouts for the card and accessories. The contents are thus protected against any hazards during storage and transportation. The accessories include the following:

  • DVI-I → D-Sub adapter
  • DVI-I → HDMI converter
  • Internal S/PDIF cable
  • Mini-DIN → YPbPr/Composite/S-Video splitter
  • Two 2xMolex → 1x6-pin PCIe adapters
  • User’s manual
  • Brief installation guide in 13 languages
  • CD disk with drivers
  • Logo sticker for system case
  • DVD disk with Lost: The Video Game

There is nothing extraordinary about the accessories but you do get everything necessary to use the card in a high-performance gaming system or in a home multimedia center. The kit doesn’t include software for playing HD video formats, though. The lack of such software can be pardoned in cheaper solutions but the user can expect to find it included with a top-class product such as GeForce 9800 GTX.

There is a copy of Lost: The Video Game in the box (the game is also known as Lost: Via Domus). The game is based on a popular TV series and has already become a visiting card of Zotac products. It doesn’t boast exceptional visuals or an outstanding plot, though. It is just a nice bonus.

On the whole, the packaging and accessories of the Zotac GeForce 9800 GTX AMP! are good although the lack of a HD video player is a problem. It’s good the kit contains all the adapters necessary to establish a HDMI connection for both video and audio. It means you can connect your system to a large LCD panel with just a single cable.

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