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Package and Accessories

The graphics card comes in an upright-oriented box of standard size. It is painted black, yellow and orange. The warm colors please the eye, but the picture on the box is rather trivial, showing a dragon.

All the technical info the potential user may be interested in is listed on the front side of the box. Particularly, the card belongs to the AMP! series targeted at enthusiasts. Factory overclocking is the distinguishing feature of this series. There is a sticker on the box, informing you of a copy of Race Driver: GRID included with the card.

The packaging quality is high as is typical of Zotac. The contents are laid into cut-outs in the layers of foam rubber that protect the card and accessories against any misfortune during transportation and storage. The card comes with the following accessories:

  • DVI-I → D-Sub adapter
  • DVI-I → HDMI adapter
  • Internal S/PDIF cable
  • Mini-DIN → YPbPr/Composite/S-Video splitter
  • 2xMolex → 1x6-pin PCIe adapter
  • 2x6-pin PCIe → 1x8-pin PCIe adapter
  • User’s manual
  • CD disk with drivers
  • Logo sticker for PC case
  • DVD disk with Race Driver: Grid game

There is everything you need to use every feature of the Zotac GeForce GTX 280 AMP! including both types of power adapters. The only problem is that there is no software for playing HD video, but most of ATI’s and Nvidia’s partners do not include such software with their products. Besides, the GeForce GTX 280 is a gaming rather than multimedia card. It will connect to an LCD panel via HDMI easily, though. A DVI adapter and a cable for the sound card’s S/PDIF output are included for that.

The included game is a car simulator, a rather unusual choice. We had expected to find a first- or third-person shooter. Race Driver: GRID was announced in early summer. Although it doesn’t use DirectX 10 features, it boasts good visuals, an engaging gameplay, and positive reports from leading reviewers. That’s a real gift for everyone who likes racing.

So, our overall impression from the packaging and accessories of the Zotac GeForce GTX 280 AMP! are positive. The picture on the box might be more original, and there might be a software HD video player in the box, but instead you get a copy of a good car simulator. This is a gaming card after all.

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