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BIOS Peculiarities

We all know very well that μGuru offers very extensive list of features. However, this time the OC Guru section of the mainboard BIOS looks unusually modest.

You can reduce the clock frequency multiplier down to 4x with 0.5 increment, adjust the clock generator frequency between 200MHz and 400MHz with 1MHz increment and control the PCI-E bus frequency (in the interval between 100MHz and 145MHz with 1MHz increment). As for the processor Vcore, it can only be increased above the nominal value up to 1.75V with 0.025V increment. The memory voltage can be adjusted between 2.5V and 2.7V with 0.05V increment. After 2.7V the increment increases to 0.1V and you can continue raising the memory voltage until it hits 3.2V. One more parameter that can be adjusted is DDR Reference Voltage and it can vary from -60mV to +60mV changing with 10mV increments.

It is very pleasing that ABIT EQ section remained the same. You can still monitor all the major mainboard characteristics from there. The page allows you to play with three temperatures that can be adjusted if necessary:

There is the whole bunch of voltages available in this system including the ability to monitor different 12V lines:

You can also control rotation speeds of the platform fans:

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