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ABIT AN8 32X mainboard is equipped with 5 fan connectors. And we can not only monitor their rotation speed but also adjust the sped for each of them if necessary:

You can select one of the three temperatures that will serve as a reference point for the fan speed monitoring. For the CPU fan it is certainly the CPU temperature, for all other fans you can select either system temperature (SYS Temperature) or the temperature reported by the sensor located next to the MPSFET (PWM Temperature).

We can also set the desired highest and lowest temperatures that will affect the fan rotation speed and select the voltage sent to the fan. Of course, the maximum voltage you can set for your fans is 12V, but we wish that we could actually drop the minimum voltage below 8V.

μGuru was not the only interesting BIOS section. Another worthy page is called Advanced Chipset Features that allows you to manage the frequency and width of the HyperTransport busses between the processor and the chipset North Bridge and between the North and South chipset bridges. The same page provides access to the memory settings:

Frankly speaking, we were not surprised to see rich settings like that. In fact, we have already got used to ABIT’s extensive memory configuration options :) Anyway, we were very pleased with the variety of choices, but it was really nice that we didn’t have to actually set each and every parameter at once. You can simply select the settings you really need to adjust and leave all the other ones at default or SPD values.

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