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Now that we have taken a really close look at the ABIT AN8 32X mainboard I am ready to voice out my verdict. Yes, ABIT AN8 32X doesn’t have any extraordinary features to boast, but I strongly approve of the approach they have taken in the current situation. Now that the company needs to regain their reputation, restore users trust and interest in the brand, experiments and other risky actions may not end up well. It would make much more sense to launch a traditional maybe even conservative product, but which will boast impeccable quality and will be free from any upsetting issues. Unfortunately, we didn’t really have to look hard for those issues in ABIT AN8 32X mainboard: some of them were right there in front of us.

As you may have already understood from the review the list of things that need to be taken care of is quite long, although some users may not really regard the absent LPT or COM port or inconvenient FDD connector location as a serious drawback. Some users will be quite satisfied with the overclocking up to 279MHz, and some users may never really use Cool’n’Quiet technology or check the BIOS settings… So, if you are one of those undemanding users then you will really love ABIT AN8 32X mainboard. In this case, you will most likely be happy with any other mainboard as well. However, if you do not want to face all the above listed issues, then you should probably wait until the new BIOS version is available: some of the problems may be eliminated in the new BIOS updates.

Summing up, I believe I can try to answer the question I asked in the title of this review. Has ABIT really come back yet? Looks like they are still on their way, so we may just wait a little bit more. This criticism is not intended to harm people, but to help the company we have always loved for their great revolutionary solutions rich in settings and flexible options, for their special attention to the needs of extreme overclockers and gamers. We have waited for quite a while now, and I am sure we can wait more.

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