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As for the calculations in the Fritz chess program, the numbers you see will hardly mean anything unless you are familiar with the test. Therefore, Frits developers offer a great illustrative representation of the obtained results compared against some mainstream reference system with Intel Pentium III processor at 1GHz speed. Core 2 Duo overclocked to 3GHz is 9 times faster than Pentium III 1GHz, and if you overclock it to 3.43GHz – it will be 10 times faster.


All in all abit AW9D-MAX mainboard leaves a very good impression: it offers great features and functionality, rich set of accessories, convenient and informative BIOS settings. abit mainboards haven’t lost anything from their former glory. Only the overclocking potential is slightly spoiling the rosy picture. Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 processor can hardly be overclocked to its maximum, but with abit AW9D-MAX mainboard you will face some challenges even when overclocking the E6400 CPU with higher multiplier. Should we hope the issue will be cured in the new BIOS versions? Maybe, but you still should remember that the i975X based mainboards usually boast lower overclocking potential than P965 based ones.

If CPU overclocking to the maximum is not one of your top priorities, if you are not using any LPT or COM devices, if you own a system case with transparent side panel and enjoy sophisticated LED lighting, then abit AW9D-MAX mainboard will be a great choice for you.

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