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The BIOS of abit IP35 Pro mainboard is based on Phoenix-Award code. When you access it, the main page offers you to save or load one of the five available settings profiles by pressing F6 or F7 respectively.

Almost all overclocking friendly options are gathered together in uGuru Utility section. So, by clicking on it you get directly to the OC Guru page:

If you remember, abit mainboards used to raise the default FSB frequency by 4MHz. this time it is 6MHz higher, but you can still enter any desired frequency manually using your keyboard:

Reduce the frequency multiplier, and you get the resulting processor frequency value displayed right away. The memory frequency can be set with a set of supported dividers:

You won’t need to calculate the resulting memory frequency either, as it will be reported in the information line:

PCI Express bus frequency can be adjusted in the interval between 100MHz and 200MHz. The voltages can be adjusted on a separate page called Voltage Control:

You can see a pretty extensive list of available adjustable voltage parameters. Note that you cannot set the processor Vcore below the nominal value. You can adjust processor core voltage up to 1.8950V with 0.01V increment.

The memory voltage is also adjusted with a very small increment of only 0.025V within a pretty impressive interval of 1.8V-3.0V!

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