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The mainboard's BIOS suggests that the ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 can be viewed as a platform for overclocking experiments. The key performance-related settings, traditionally for ASUS products, can all be found in a separate BIOS page called Ai Tweaker.

So, the mainboard offers everything necessary to control the frequencies of the CPU, memory, CPU-integrated North Bridge, and HyperTransport bus. You can also adjust a variety of voltages including not only those of the CPU, memory and CPU-integrated North Bridge, but also of the chipset, SidePort Memory and HyperTransport bus. Both the list of voltages and the adjustment ranges are extensive.

It is important that the CPU voltage can be set not only as an absolute value but relative to the default level as this helps keep all power-saving technologies running when the CPU gets overclocked. Besides, the BIOS has a set of Load-Line Calibration technologies that prevent a voltage drop on the CPU when the power regulator is under heavy load. 

There are special options that allow overclocking the integrated Radeon HD 4290 graphics core and Sideport Memory. 

The memory subsystem settings are exhaustive and informative. Like with the voltage settings, you can see the current value of a parameter next to the one you select.

The CPU Configuration section is where you can access CPU technologies. The function of the Core Unlocker switch is duplicated here. By the way, if you are trying to transform a dual-core CPU into a triple-core one, the BIOS gives you the choice of which of the disabled cores should be turned on, which increases the possibility of success.

The Hardware Monitor section is good, too. Besides offering a number of parameters available for monitoring, ASUS has improved its Q-Fan technology that controls the speed of the system fans depending on temperature. Now the user can specify the correlation between speed and temperature by himself. Moreover, this technology works not only for PWM-controlled fans but also for ordinary 3-pin models. 

You can overclock your computer based on an ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 mainboard not only through the BIOS but also through a special tool called TurboV ECO included into the kit. It allows changing voltages and frequencies without leaving the OS.


By the way, this tool can also be used to overclock the graphics core but a special graphics driver must be installed for the appropriate options to become accessible. Besides changing the parameters manually, you can try the automatic overclocking features available in TurboV EVO. This utility can remember multiple overclocking profiles, allowing to switch between them by pressing hot buttons.

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