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When we started reviewing ASRock Z77 OC Formula mainboard, we weren’t prejudiced against it. ASRock mainboards are currently among the best in the market, but we were still somewhat alerted, to be honest. We have been witness to several situations when the manufacturer’s intention to stand out and load their product with everything at once (and more than the competition has) had a negative outcome. They would come up with a multi-functional model, but most of these features would be very difficult to work with, and some of them would be absolutely unnecessary for the majority of users being none other but a fantasy of the marketing folks. Luckily, this isn’t the case with ASRock Z77 OC Formula. When some users hear that it is a mainboard for overclocking and records, they may feel that it isn’t a good choice for them since they are not interested in setting records or overclocking their system, and may decide to look for something simpler. Wrong decision! ASRock Z77 OC Formula is not a specific or very niche product that will be of interest to very few professionals out there, but an absolutely normal mainboard with excellent functionality, rich accessories bundle and excellent electron components base. If at some point you decide to give it a shot in the overclocking community, you will have all the richest functionality at your fingertips. Yes, you will have to pay for superb additional features, but even though this mainboard is priced above average, the price is still quite reasonable. This board is fast, relatively energy-efficient, almost completely flawless and boasts a ton of indisputable advantages. If I were to describe this product with one phrase I would say: this is the mainboard I want for my system.

That said we are proud to award ASRock Z77 OC Formula our highest title – Editor’s Choice:

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