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Mainboard Specifications and Accessories



Socket A AMD Athlon XP/Duron



FSB frequency


DDR DIMM slots


AGP slot

AGP 8x

Expansion slots (PCI/ACR/CNR)


USB 2.0 ports


IEEE1394 ports


Additional IDE-controllers


Serial ATA 150

2 ports

Integrated sound

5.1, AD1980

Integrated network

Ethernet 10/100/1000

Additional features

Wi-Fi Slot





As you see from the table, the mainboard has no additional RAID or FireWire controllers. But Serial ATA RAID is supported by the South Bridge, and ASUS has implemented it, probably, not hoping for VIA KT600 to be popular among enthusiastic users. The PCB has some places left blank. Particularly, there’s space to solder up an IDE RAID Promise PDC20376 controller that supports one Parallel ATA and two Serial ATA channels.

Overall, the PCB of A7V600 resembles the one of A7V8X, with some differences due to the VT8237 South Bridge being non-pin-compatible with VT8235 used in A7V8X. So, it looks like ASUS had also planned to release a highly functional version of A7V600 with FireWire support (there is space on the PCB for this connector, too) and so on, but later gave up the idea. KT600 is not for the fans of everything high-end.

The accessories included with the mainboard don’t impress, either. They are the usual small things and articles coming with any other mainboard. There is even no standard USB bracket for the rear panel of the system case. It means you can use only four ports (six – if your system case has corresponding connectors) out of the eight supported by the South Bridge (VT8237) and present on the PCB.

The accessories don’t also include a bracket with the second COM port, which can hardly be considered an advantage. The mainboard connector panel couldn’t accommodate it: ASUS preferred to place an S/PDIF connector there, thinking most people use it more frequently than the COM. This may be true in many, but not all situations.

The two Serial ATA cables boast a nice peculiarity: the plastic cap that covers the connector is fastened to the wires with a plastic tape so you will hardly ever lose it. A pleasing trifle.

One more nice trifle is the bag with spare jumper caps, although they don’t have “tails” like those coming with the DFI or ABIT mainboards.

And here’s the registry of all the other accessories: one 80-pin UltraATA cable, a 40-pin IDE cable, FDD cable, bracket for the back panel, game port bracket, user’s manual and a software CD-disk. The manual also promised stickers for the keyboard to use with the exclusive Instant Music feature, but with a meaningful remark – “Retail Boxes Only”. It seems like we have got the wrong box – no stickers, although Instant Music is there. 
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