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Overclocked Mode

During overclocking both mainboards achieved the same results for the CPU, integrated graphics core and memory components that is why we anticipate about the same performance numbers in our performance tests, too.

All in all, the results during overclocking are quite predictable. The two mainboard performed almost identically with two small differences. First of all, by looking at the diagrams you may think that all results on them have been sorted out in alphabetical order, because the Asus mainboard is always on top of the list. Moreover, in some applications the performance difference turned out a little higher than we had expected, as Asus mainboard seems to be working with the memory in a slightly more efficient manner. Namely, when we compressed the files in the 7-zip program, its performance advantage was approaching 3%. In fact, it doesn’t change anything for the user, as both systems will create an archive in about a minute and a half, and I doubt that anyone would notice the difference between 92 and 95 seconds. However, we will have to take this fact into account during final mainboard scoring.

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