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The ASUS Gryphon Z87 is the first micro-ATX mainboard for LGA1150 processors we’ve ever tested and it differs from regular micro-ATX mainboards in many ways. It has as many as three PCIe Express x16 slots and seven fan connectors (all of them with speed regulation). And there is certainly no other mainboard which comes with an optional protective armor. By the way, it's good that it’s an optional accessory. You can buy the Gryphon Armor Kit if you need it or save some money otherwise. Contrary to our apprehensions, it was easy to assemble our test configuration with this compact mainboard. Its design is user-friendly and its capabilities are extensive enough for the majority of users. It is as good as full-size models in terms of performance and overclocking. Its power consumption is low and comparable to the most economical of ATX mainboards.

The Gryphon Z87 is actually very much alike to ASUS’s ordinary products. It is quite a typical LGA1150 mainboard from that brand with all the typical highs and lows, from minor flaws during the startup procedure to the reduced performance at high loads. We haven’t yet seen a Z87-based mainboard from ASUS that would ensure standard system settings by default. The ROG series models increase their CPU clock rate while other ASUS mainboards lower it at high loads. That’s quite unacceptable from such a respectable manufacturer.

On the other hand, ASUS mainboards, and the Gryphon Z87 in particular, are free from critical defects while their minor downsides can be put up with. Moreover, the TUF series comes with a 5-year warranty, which is a very strong argument in its favor.

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