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Every ASUS Mainboard is an extremely interesting product, exclusively because it is made by ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Thanks to humongous production volumes and extensive channel connections this mainboard will be selling all over the world. However, in this case we are even more excited about it because ASUS Maximus Extreme is a top of the line solution.

It is based on Intel X38 Express chipset, is designed to work with DDR3 SDRAM and supports LGA775 Intel processors. Moreover, there are a few other reasons why we would love to talk about ASUS mainboards today.

So, this article is going to be devoted to Asus Maximus Extreme mainboard, its features, performance and supported technologies.

Package and Accessories

ASUS Maximus Extreme mainboard belongs to Republic of Gamers series and comes in a vertical box with a familiar design. The “shot through” front side bears the name of the mainboard and a few technology logos. The back of the box offers a list of mainboard’s technical specifications. The front side box panel can be flipped open to reveal more details about the mainboard’s features:


The board itself comes in a separate plastic casing that protects it against physical damage but at the same time doesn’t prevent you from checking out a few mainboard PCB components through the cut-out windows in the main package. All accessories are packed in a separate box and are pretty numerous. Inside this box we find:

  • IDE and FDD cables;
  • Six SATA cables;
  • SATA power splitter;
  • A bracket with two USB 2.0 and one IEEE1394 ports;
  • Fusion Block System Accessory set with connecting pipes and retention clips;
  • DIY Pedestal pad set;
  • ASUS Optional Fan;
  • 3 in 1 Asus Q-Connector Kit for convenient connection of separate cables to USB, IEEE1394 and front panel;
  • I/O Shield;
  • Three additional thermal diodes;
  • LCD Poster panel;
  • Ties;
  • Brief installation guide;
  • Full user’s manual;
  • DVD disk with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game;
  • Support DVD disk with drivers, ASUS brand name utilities, Futuremark 3DMark 06 Advanced Edition and Kaspersky antivirus software.

Fusion Block System Accessory set including connecting pipes and clips is used to connect the chipset North Bridge water unit with a liquid cooling system.

DIY Pedestal rubber pads is one of the optional components, it comes exclusively with top ASUS mainboards. It is intended for those who will be using ASUS mainboard as an open testbed on top of the desk and helps improve the cooling, protect the desk top as well as mainboard itself from scratches. Also, according to the user’s manual, a creative user may think of some other use fort these self-adhesive rubber pads.

We have come across ASUS Optional Fan a few times already. It is a quiet fan that can be used as additional chipset cooling if necessary. For example, when there is a CPU liquid cooling system installed and the airflow inside the case is not sufficient.

We are also familiar with ASUS Q-Connector Kit already. Instead of finding the right connectors inside a dark system case almost by touch, we now can plug everything in using convenient markings on the block and then install the whole thing at once. The kit also includes similar adapters for USB and IEEE1394 connectors.

The LCD panel that displays the booting stages during system start-up first appeared on the rear panel of ASUS mainboards. Of course, this location was criticized a lot, because not everyone has easy access to the back panel of their system case. Now this panel can be placed anywhere you like:

In conclusion to the discussion of bundled accessories I would like to say a few words. We very rarely complain about scarce accessories bundled with the mainboards. The most important thing is that each board comes with the cables, user’s manual and drivers – without it we can’t really start the system. Everything else is nice addition to the product, which not everyone needs and which inevitably affects the price of the mainboard. ASUS Maximus Extreme board is a solution from the top price range that is why a few extras will hardly affect its price point. However, all these nice little things show very clearly that the manufacturer does its best to ensure comfortable and pleasant experience the user will have with the product, tries to foresee most users’ wishes. This same attention to small things and sincere desire to provide the best experience with their product will also show in the BIOS features and settings as well as in the PCB layout of ASUS Maximus Extreme mainboard.

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