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ASUS Maximus Extreme doesn’t give you a single reason for disappointment. Right from the start when you open the box you get the feeling that the manufacturer did its real best to accommodate all your needs and wishes and make the work with this solution a pleasant and memorable experience. This feeling comes from the accessories bundle, the PCB layout, outstanding and rich features – absolutely all work aspects. A few frustrating issues, such as inability to adjust rotation speed of three-pin fans and ignored power-saving technologies do not allow us to call ASUS Maximus Extreme an ideal mainboard.  But ideal mainboards simply do not exist, and ASUS Maximus Extreme got extremely close to this title.

Actually, have you ever thought what “an issue” is? It is, in fact, very individual. If you have a CPU cooler with a four-pin connector, you will not even notice the rotation speed adjustment issue we mentioned above. And if your CPU is always loaded to the full extent with some distributed computing applications, for instance, then you will never really face the non-operational power-saving technologies on ASUS mainboards.

There are no ideal solutions, that is why the user has to find a mainboards, which drawbacks will not be crucial for his particular needs. And our task is to describe the products in enough detail revealing all cons and pros, so that this choice could be as easy for you as possible. And we intent to continue doing it, so stay tuned!

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