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Asus Brand Name Software

Mainboard, BIOS functionality, brand name programs and technologies – all these are closely connected with one another. Therefore, we have already told you about “Go Button” button within the BIOS Setup chapter, and about ROG Connect – within a chapter devoted to Asus Unique technologies. Of course, this multi-functional utility is not the only one on Asus’ list of brand name applications and tools. However, we are already pretty well familiar with many other utilities, so in this chapter we are going to briefly remind you what they are and how they work.

Asus mainboards have long been featuring a very convenient built-in utility for BIOS updating called EZ Flash. However, you still have to perform a number of actions on your end to make it work, while Asus Update program can find a new BIOS version and relfash it completely independently.

Asus Ai Suite is a set of applications including CPU Level Up, Fan Xpert, TurboV EVO and EPU-6 Engine. Note that two last ones must be installed separately.

EPU-6 Engine is a program for managing the power-saving profiles.

We have a few preset profiles to choose from, but you can adjust their settings to your liking manually.

You can only select one of the three preset models for the CPU fan in the BIOS of Asus mainboards. Fan Xpert utility offers you more choices. Moreover, it also allows you to calibrate the fan and add your own profile.

CPU Level Up utility is the most annoying one: we couldn’t quickly find the settings that would prevent it from launching on every boot-up. The only thing it does is CPU overclocking. In fact, it is the analogue of the “CPU Level Up” function in the mainboard BIOS.

You can overclock your Intel Core i7-860 processor to 2.94, 3.06, 3.36 GHz just by a single mouse click.

TurboV EVO program is intended to allow system overclocking from Windows OS. You can change frequencies and voltages manually or use automatic overclocking function.

You can save the settings as profiles and quickly switch between them using pre-assigned hot keys.

Asus Ai Suite allows you to monitor basic settings, but it would be much more convenient to use PC Probe II utility for that purpose, as it provides much more detailed readings.

All parameters controlled by PC Probe II are displayed in small windows. They can be grouped in any convenient way or distributed over the screen, even minimized.

Adjustable PC Probe II settings include acceptable intervals for temperatures and fan rotation speeds. Once your system gets beyond any of them, you will receive a warning message.

Besides, PC Probe II utility also reports detailed information about the system. Namely, it allows you to monitor the usage of disk space, memory and CPU resources.

ROG GameFirst program uses cFoS Software technologies. It should accelerate web-access with the help of “Traffic Shaping” parameter. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to fully test the functionality of this program, because it needs a few days to study your preferred web-browsing patterns and habits. However, you can single out priority applications or add a new application to the priority list right after program start.

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