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The CPU and system fans can be regulated automatically (by choosing one of the three modes: Standard, Silent or Turbo) or manually. The PWR fan can be set to a certain speed whereas the speed of the three OPT fans can be set to change depending on the additional sensors.

System startup options can be found in the Boot section.

Next goes the Tools section.

The integrated BIOS update tool called EZ Flash 2 is perhaps the handiest and most functional among the utilities of its kind. It has changed with the transition to EFI BIOS. For example, the current firmware version is saved into the root directory of the connected drive by default.

Like on mainboards from many other brands, we can now see the information written into the memory modules' SPD unit.

ASUS mainboards allow you to store and load up to eight profiles with full BIOS settings. Each profile can be given a descriptive name. Considering that there are two BIOS chips on the Maximus IV Extreme, the number of profiles is doubled to 16.

Having saved certain base clock, CPU multiplier and voltage values in the Go Button File subsection, you can instantly overclock your computer by pressing the Go button.

You don’t have to use the onboard button to switch between the two BIOS chips. The BIOS FlashBack page allows doing that, too. You can also copy the contents of one BIOS chip into another here.

The Exit section goes last. It allows you to save your changes, load default BIOS settings, or switch to EZ Mode.

EZ Mode gives you a lot of information but offers almost no user-defined options. You can only choose one of three power-saving modes and define the boot device order by dragging the icons with your mouse.

ASUS EFI BIOS is an excellent example of how the capabilities of the old BIOS can be expanded without making it harder to use. We guess the biggest problem that this BIOS presents is the sheer abundance of settings. However, the mainboard sets most of them at optimal values by default, so you can leave everything as it is and have your system running smoothly.

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