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The following things are included with the mainboard as accessories:

  • SLI bridge
  • ATA cable
  • FDD cable
  • Six SATA cables
  • Three power cables for six SATA drives
  • Bracket with two USB 2.0 connectors
  • Bracket with one FireWire connector
  • User manual and Quick Start Guide
  • CD with drivers and utilities
  • InterVideo Media Launcher software suite
  • I/O shield

Besides that, the box contains an Array2-SNA microphone manufactured by Andrea Electronics Corporation. This device supports noise and reflection reduction. Besides that, the noise filter function identifies and removes repeated, constant and background noises.

But it was another feature of the ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe that made the biggest impression on me despite its simplicity. It is called ASUS Q-Connector Kit.

As you know, audio, USB and FireWire connectors are often put out on the front (or side or top) panel of the system case in modern computers. But I have often seen that the connectors from these ports consist of separate wires for compatibility reasons (in case the mainboard has a non-standard onboard header). As a result, you have to attach the wires one by one, messing around deep in the system case, helping your eyes with your flashlight and checking with the illustrations in the user manual. This is all over now. You just take the blue USB adapter or the red FireWire adapter from the Q-Connector Kit and, guiding yourself by the labels, attach the wires and then put the adapter in place.

The same goes for the front-panel connections: speaker connection, Turn-On and Reset buttons, HDD and Power indicators. Instead of straining your eyes to read the barely legible labels on the mainboard or making out the color coding of the connectors which differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, you can now just take the white adapter, connect the necessary wires and put the adapter in place in one step. That’s how easy it is!

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