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Encountered Problems

I started out with the ASUS M2N-E at a moderate clock generator-frequency of 250MHz. Like in the previous case, the mainboard hung up after identifying the amount of memory. After I updated its BIOS from version 0103 to 0203, the mainboard still wouldn’t start at 250MHz. It started at 230MHz, but hung up on restart, just like the senior model.

A second failure in a row unnerved me somewhat. I allow that anyone can get a bad sample of a mainboard, but I couldn’t have been as unlucky as to get two bad samples!

I try not to read other reviews or reports about a product when I’m writing my own review to avoid any prejudices. But in this case I had to hear what other users say and I learned that the restart-related problem was characteristic of the whole family of ASUS mainboards rather than of only my two samples.

The mainboard began to overclock the CPU eventually, but the problem with restarting didn’t vanish. I tried to achieve stability at 325MHz, but to no effect. The system would issue a BSOD right after I launched S&M. The system was not stable at 320MHz, either, even though I had to wait for the BSOD for a while. The M2N-SLI Deluxe and M2N-E mainboards being almost identical, it was possible to try to use the senior model’s BIOS in the M2N-E. I just swapped their BIOS chips, which turned to be identical, and enjoyed all the BIOS options of the M2N-SLI Deluxe on my M2N-E. Well, it might have made sense if the M2N-SLI Deluxe were an overclocking miracle. I had no improvements whatsoever because both the mainboards were no good at overclocking.

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