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We’re counting days to meet the next generation of Intel’s chipsets. According to the current information, it is expected at the end of June. Still, in spite of the imminent arrival of the Grantsdale and Alderwood (the codenames of the two new chipsets), mainboard manufacturers don’t forget about the i865/i875 families.

Some of them not only continue producing mainboards on these chipsets, but also release new modifications of their time-tested i865/i875-based products. You don’t have to go far for examples: the well-known ASUS has recently introduced its new mainboard based on the i865PE.

The newcomer, the P4P800-E Deluxe, is another member of the extended family of P4P800 products. This family has been enjoying high popularity in the user community, and that’s why we decided to take a look at the P4P800-E Deluxe. Moreover, this mainboard will surely remain a demanded product for the time being, since the transition to the Alderwood/Grantsdale platform requires considerable financial expenditures.

Particularly, mainboards on these chipsets will require a new processor of the LGA775 form-factor and a new graphics card with the PCI Express interface (both are yet unavailable in the market, by the way). Moreover, you’ll probably want to use DDR2 SDRAM with such mainboards and add a SerialATA hard disk drive into the bundle. Overall, it’s yet unreasonable to think that the lifecycle of i865/i875-based mainboards is approaching its end.

The P4P800 mainboard family owes its popularity to ASUS’s being among the first manufacturers who optimized the BIOS of its products so well as to provide the same performance as much more expensive i875P-based mainboards with their special Performance Acceleration Technology have. Besides, the P4P800 family is distinguishable for good overclockability, which shows in their high stability at high FSB clock rates. So these were all the reasons for us to take interest in the P4P800-E Deluxe and dedicate it an article. Of course, we will focus mostly on the differences from the “ordinary” P4P800 Deluxe – is the new mainboard in any way better?

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