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A mainboard’s overclockability is largely determined by its BIOS. The ASUS P5N-E SLI being based on the same North Bridge as the ASUS Striker Extreme, we might expect similar CPU and memory overclocking options if it were not for the developer who deliberately limited the number of BIOS Setup options of the inexpensive nForce 650i SLI-based mainboard. Hopefully, this won’t affect the mainboard’s overclockability much.

Go to the Advanced menu to find options pertaining to configuring and overclocking memory and CPU. Most of the options an overclocker might be interested in are in the JumperFree Configuration section.

Here you can disable EPP technology and access BIOS Setup pages with voltage and frequency settings.

The System Clocks subsection contains only one option, the frequency of the PCI Express bus that can be varied from 100 to 131MHz stepping 1MHz.

The Voltage Control section provides access to three voltages:

  • Vcore Voltage can be changed from 0.83125 to 1.6V stepping 0.00625V. Additionally, there is the Vcore offset Voltage option that allows to increase the CPU voltage by 0.1V more.
  • Memory voltage can be set within a range of 1.92 to 2.571V with a rather strange variable step.
  • North Bridge voltage can be set at 1.208, 1.393, 1.563 or 1.748V

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