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According to official ASUS site, this company is currently offering 11 different mainboards based on Intel P45 Express chipset. P5Q Pro we are talking out today is somewhere in the middle of this list: on the one hand it uses high-quality components, just like the most expensive solutions in the family, but on the other – it doesn’t have the excessively sophisticated 16-phase processor voltage regulator.

The mainboard looks quite ordinary: no luxuriously twisted heatpipes or humongous heatsinks. Just a common looking board.

Nevertheless, this solution has a pretty long list of features. The thing is that the entire series of ASUS mainboards based on Intel P45 Express support a number of very interesting technologies mentioned in this list. I would like to specifically point out three of them right away, because they are the primary focus of the manufacturer’s marketing efforts:

  • ASUS EPU-6 Engine: this is a software/hardware system managing the operational parameters of the CPU, memory, graphics card and HDD in order to reduce their power consumption;
  • ASUS Express Gate: rapid booting of free Splashtop operating system with a few integrated Internet-applications preinstalled on the system hard drive;
  • ASUS Drive Xpert: Silicon Image SiI572 SATA RAID controller integrated onto the board allows creating RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays without any pre-configuring and special drivers.

Moreover, there is one more thing about this board that catches your attention. ASUS promises that P5Q Pro, just like all other mainboards from this series, supports CPUs with 1600MHz bus that are not officially supported by Intel P45 Express chipset. As a result, ASUS makes this overclocking potential of its mainboard semi-official promising its reliable operation in this mode.

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