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Package and Accessories

The box of ASUS P5Q Pro is pretty ordinary. It is of standard size, without any windows or flip-open covers that have become a common feature of many contemporary products. The only thing that distinguishes ASUS P5Q Pro package is a glossy finish and deep blue-purple colors of the design. The box bears the logos and brief description of the technologies the manufacturer is especially proud of. There is also a small photo of the actual board.


Inside the box there is a pretty standard set of accessories for a mainstream mainboard that includes a user’s manual, a DVD-disk with drivers and software, I/O Shield for the case rear panel and a set of cables for different storage devices. Besides, ASUS also included a Q-Connector block and a rear panel bracket with a 4-pin IEEE1394 connector and eSATA port.

We could have considered this bundle to be quite sufficient if it hadn’t been for the missing centrifugal fan for the mainboard cooling system. The chipset and processor voltage regulator circuitry may heat up a lot during overclocking and we seriously doubt the cooling efficiency of ASUS P5Q Pro’s default cooling system in passive mode. Especially since more expensive mainboards from the P5Q series with a more advanced cooling system all come bundled with this fan.

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