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Unfortunately, it is not the first time when we cannot draw a completely positive conclusion about an ASUS mainboard. Even though ASUS remains an indisputable leader in the mainboard segment, their products still suffer from a few frustrating drawbacks that may be regarded as critical.

ASUS P5Q Pro mainboard we have discussed today makes a great first impression. It offers a very attractive combination of price and functionality, boasts very convenient and smart design and supports a few very useful innovative technologies, such as ExpressGate – support of a “lite” version of an alternative operating system.

From a practical standpoint, ASUS P5Q Pro leaves ambiguous thoughts. On the one hand, this board seems to have tremendous potential. On the other, it turns out very hard to reveal. The chipset cooling system is not efficient enough in “heavy” modes, and the performance level is far from what other platforms have to offer.

However, we haven’t yet seen any remarkable solutions among competitors’ products on the same Intel P45 Express chipset. This suggests that even though Intel P45Express is the newest platform today, it is not the best one. So, stay tuned for more reviews of P45 Express based products on our site: we haven’t yet given up the search for ideal solution.

However, everything we have just said is true only if you consider yourself an overclocker or dedicated enthusiast. If you do not care about overclocking, but just need a stable contemporary platform, ASUS P5Q Pro is a very good choice that we would gladly recommend.

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