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The new Intel P45 Express chipset has no evident advantages over its predecessors. Nevertheless, it is extremely interesting as a very new solution and for a number of objective reasons, such as the use of more advanced production process. Therefore, enthusiasts pin a lot of hopes on Intel P45 expecting the boards on this new chipset to become one of the best overclocker platforms out there.

However, we cannot reassure the readers at this point. We haven’t tested a single Intel P45 based mainboard yet that would demonstrate better overclocking potential than any of the previously acknowledged overclocker boards on earlier Intel chipsets. ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP @n we tested today didn’t change anything. Unfortunately, our sample of this promising mainboard turned out pretty average during quad-core processors overclocking experiments, thus ruining our expectations.

The only excuse for ASUS we can think of at this point is that we simply had bad luck with this particular mainboard sample. And we could have accepted it, if it hadn’t been for one fact: it is not the first time we are having “bad luck” like that with ASUS boards. This suggests the idea that ASUS product quality has become lower. Therefore, we would strongly suggest that ASUS pay more attention to stability of some really demanded overclocking-friendly features of their mainboards and to the overall product quality instead of developing doubtful technologies like EPU-6.

Hopefully, we will get a chance to check out a few other ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe/WiFi-AP @n samples. We are going to get back to discussing this mainboard once we get our hands on another sample, which will hopefully work better.

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