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I would like to pay special attention to a slightly changed Transaction Booster option that allows manipulating directly the most important North Bridge parameter – Performance Level.

P5Q3 Deluxe offers very extensive voltage settings and includes the following parameters:


Supported range

CPU Voltage

0.85 - 2.1V with 0.00625V increment

CPU PLL Voltage

1.5 – 2.78V with 0.02V increment

FSB Termination Voltage

1.1 – 1.9V with 0.02V increment

DRAM Voltage

1.5 – 2.78V with 0.02V increment

NB Core Voltage

1.1 – 2.2V with 0.02V increment

SB Core Voltage

1.1 – 1.4V with 0.1V increment


1.5 – 1.8V with 0.1V increment

Note that all voltages may be set to Auto. In this case the mainboard will search for the most optimal settings depending on the CPU and memory frequencies. If you are configuring everything manually, the settings will be highlighted blue, yellow or red depending on their potential danger for the other system components.

I would also like to single out an extremely useful Loadline Calibration option among other voltage settings. Thanks to the special design of the CPU voltage regulator it minimizes the harmful Vdropp effect during overclocking. ASUS also allows users to adjust CPU GTL Voltage Reference. These settings may be very helpful during quad-core processor overclocking, because they allow setting threshold FSB voltages individually for each physical core. Thorough configuring of these particular parameters guarantees reaching really high FSB frequencies during quad-core processors overclocking.

The next BIOS Setup page is called Advanced. The only interesting thing here is CPU Configuration where you can play with all processor technologies.

The Tools page also looks a little unusual. Besides ASUS’ traditional the built-in EZ Flash 2 for BIOS reflashing and O.C. Profile for saving settings profiles, you also get to manage Drive Xpert and Express Gate options.

The first group of settings offers to select Stripe or Mirror mode for SiI5723 SATA controller. The second group manages the display time for the Splashtop OS starting screen.

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