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I have to admit that I personally wasn’t very happy about Asus P5QL-E mainboard. However, you absolutely have to disregard my subjective opinion here. Try to be unbiased about this board:

I am frustrated, because I feel deceived. I was misled by Asus P5QL-E mainboard, its excellent technical specifications and outstanding BIOS functionality. It costs less than $130, but looks worth $260, or at least $200. Of course, I expected from it the same I would from any Intel P45 Express based mainboard, having forgotten that it was based on Intel P43 Express and not knowing that they have dramatically different overclocking potential. That is why I wasted too much time trying to get it to work at high bus frequencies and then at high memory frequencies. That and only that is the reason why I am unhappy.

You, on the other hand, may look at it from a completely different prospective. In fact, Asus P5QL-E has very few objective drawbacks, which we have already mentioned in our review. They are not very serious, by the way, and have been caused mostly by smaller dimensions of the PCB. However, despite the lack of available PCB space, Asus engineers managed to fit in all the necessary controllers, so from the functional standpoint Asus P5QL-E is as powerful as any Intel P45 Express based solution out there.

The next thing: poor CPU and memory overclocking potential. It is a serious drawback. We couldn’t overclock any of our test processors. Besides, our super-fast DDR2 9136 memory was working almost as regular DDR2 6400. But remember the unannounced rule: inexpensive mainboards for inexpensive processors. Knowing what this mainboard is actually capable of, you can easily find a suitable processor for it that will have a high clock frequency multiplier, for example, a CPU from Intel Pentium Dual-Core or Intel Core 2 Duo E7xxx family. Asus P5QL-E functionality will be more than enough for their successful overclocking. Besides, you will not need to spend a ton on super-fact memory: just go with the regular DDR2 800 instead of highly overclockable and therefore expensive elite modules.

We won’t lose anything here, as we have just seen, Asus P5QL-E will not lose to any other mainboard. However, we will be able to use the money saved on mainboard, CPU and memory for a faster graphics card, larger hard drive or anything else we need. So, objectively, Asus P5QL-E is an excellent choice for users who want to ensure their investment is worth it. Although it still cannot compare against solutions on Intel P45 Express.

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