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Power section is pretty common:

Here we should check out the Hardware Monitor sub-section:

The fan settings look quite good. We can control the rotation speed of all four fans that can be connected to the mainboard and adjust the rotation speed of three of them. It is important that the CPU fan uses a four-pin power connector. We can control only two temperatures, and the voltages monitoring definitely leaves much to be desired. We don’t know any voltages except the CPU Vcore, although Asus P5QL-E mainboard allows adjusting seven of them. The saddest thing is that neither third-party utilities, such as HWMonitor, nor Asus PC Probe II utility, will be able to help us. The latter reports very scarce readings:

Boot section allows setting the boot-up devices order, startup parameters and access passwords:

Tools is the last section that is worth checking out here:

It contains a very convenient BISO reflashing tool called EZ Flash 2:

There are tools for launching and configuring Express Gate – an alternative Linux based operating system. Here you can also check the network cable status on AI NET 2 page and save two full BIOS settings profiles using OC Profile function. Too bad that we can save only two profiles without any names or descriptions, however, we can save profiles on any external media of choice.

The very last section contains traditional options for loading setup defaults and exiting BIOS Setup.

When we checked out the functionality of the Asus P5QL-E BIOS Setup the only two things we were not completely happy about were hardware Monitor and OC Profile functions. However, overall the board boasts truly impressive variety of available settings. Now we have absolutely every reason to say that Asus P5QL-E mainboard will indeed be a worthy rival to any competition. Now all we have to do is check out all these great settings in practical experiments.

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