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Performance and Overclocking Experiments

There are a lot of pretty interesting aspects that we could discuss within the chapter devoted to practical use of Asus P5QL-E mainboard. For example, it would be nice to check out the bundled software or at least Asus branded utilities. We could say quite a bit about power consumption and power-saving technologies. Here everything looks not as rosy as in the promotional commercials. However, we don’t want to lose your interest because the article is too long, so we have decided to set those things aside until the next time. Today we are going to take a quick look at Asus Express Gate technology.

Asus Express Gate

Asus Express Gate is a small operating system, namely, it is special interface for launching preinstalled applications. It is built on Linux-based Splashtop system designed by DeviceVM Company. At this time it is shipped only with mainboards, notebooks and nettops from Asus, although other manufacturers start joining the initiative. I used to believe that Express Gate system was only available on high-end mainboards, where it is preinstalled into integrated flash-memory. However, it turned out that it could be also used on Asus P5QL-E, however, first it needs to be installed onto the system hard drive, USB-HDD or USB Flash Drive from the bundled DVD disk or downloaded from the Asus web-site.

It promises to boot up within 5 seconds, and even though they say that the actual startup time depends on the system configuration, the boot-up process doesn’t take long. Now we will see the following screen instead of the POST status or default startup logo image:

It will disappear in 10 seconds or a different amount of time depending on what is set in the Tools section of the mainboard BIOS, but if you move your mouse pointer the timer will halt. Three icons in the lower right corner will help continue booting the base operating system, access BIOS Setup or shut down the system, if the start button was pressed by mistake. Or you could take advantage of one of the Express gate features. It looks as follows:

Small configuration panel will help you set date and time, select the language and keyboard layout (it supports many languages), change the location of the startup panel, confirm network settings, change the theme, screen resolutions and sound volume.

Now you can use the browser based on Mozilla FireFox…

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