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The numerous utilities developed by ASUS are now united within a single shell called AI Suite II. This unification has both its pros and cons. You have to download a huge file, about 300 megabytes big, even if you only want to be able to adjust the rotation speed of your fans, for example. You really have to download it all but you can choose the utilities you need during AI Suite II installation on your computer.

When installed, AI Suite II looks like this:

Its panel can be minimized. You can then evoke it by clicking its tray icon or the arrow on the right side of the screen.

The Auto Tuning button is the first one on the panel and stands a little apart from the others. It opens the appropriate section of the TurboV EVO utility where you can turn on automatic overclocking.

When pressed, most of the buttons on the AI Suite II panel open drop-down menus for you to choose the tool you need. The Tool button allows you to launch the TurboV EVO utility, for example.

The DIGI+ VRM tool gives you access to the enhanced setup options of the digital voltage regulator.

The EPU tool is for choosing a power-saving mode.

The FAN Xpert utility makes it easy to choose a preset fan operation mode or create your own one.

ASUS Probe II allows monitoring voltages, temperatures and fan speeds.

The Sensor Recorder tool helps you keep track of changes in voltages, temperatures and fan speeds over time.

The functionality of the BT GO! utility is largely determined by the capabilities of the connected Bluetooth device. You can use it to transfer files, sync your contacts and folders, listen to music, use the Bluetooth device as a remote control or access the Internet.

The Monitor button on the AI Suite II panel allows you to manage monitoring parameters, including CPU clock rate and CPU load.


Naturally enough, the Update button is for updating the mainboard's firmware.

The MyLogo utility can be used to change the picture displayed during the startup process.


The System Information button provides key information about the mainboard, CPU, and memory timings (from the SPD).


The Settings button helps you set up the list of installed programs and change their color scheme.

We did not do into details regarding AI Suite II toolset but checked out its features and functionality briefly. Like with the BIOS, the introduction of the new software suite is not quite free from a few errors. For example, the latest version of AI Suite II available at the time of our review could not even be installed unless you downloaded a special patch. Besides, ASUS’s tools haven’t got rid of their old habit of leaving a lot of junk in the system, i.e. unnecessary folders and files, after uninstallation.

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