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Packaging and Accessories

The packaging of the ASUS P8Z77-M and Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H is typical of these brands and thus easily recognizable. We can see the name of the product and logos of its technologies on the front of the box. On the back, there is a picture of the mainboard, a list of basic specifications, and brief descriptions of certain features and capabilities.


The box with the ASUS mainboard is slimmer than usual thanks to the special way of contents packing. The sheet of cardboard that separates the mainboard and its accessories is long and bends above the mainboard, forming a kind of envelope. The latter contains SATA cables whereas the other accessories and documentation are at the bottom of the box. As a result, the box is very thin, which probably has some positive environmental impact.

The accessories are not numerous but include everything you need to use the mainboards. Here’s what you get with the ASUS P8Z77-M:

  • Two Serial ATA cables with metal connector locks, one of which is specifically designed for SATA 6 Gbps devices (with white inserts in the connectors);
  • “Asus Q-Connector” kit including adapters for easy connection of the system case front panel buttons and indicators and a USB 2.0 port;
  • A flexible bridge for two-way Nvidia SLI graphics configurations;
  • I/O Shield for the back panel;
  • User manual;
  • A brief assembly guide with instructions in several languages;
  • A brochure on “Exclusive Boot Features” including the guide on “Fast Boot”, “Asus Boot Setting”, “Direct BIOS Access” and “Windows 8 BIOS Boot Settings”;
  • DVD disk with software and drivers;
  • “Powered by Asus” sticker for the system case.

The accessories to the Gigabyte GA-Z77M-D3H are even fewer in number. They don’t even include the traditional sticker with Gigabyte logo.

  • Two SATA cables with metal connector locks, one with two L-shaped locks and another one with one straight and another L-shaped lock. Both cables are specifically designed for 6 Gbps devices;
  • I/O Shield for the back panel;
  • User manual;
  • Brief installation guide in different languages;
  • DVD disk with software and drivers.


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