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Exclusive Software Bundle

We don’t often cover software bundled with mainboards in our reviews, just because these are usually sloppily made utilities with ugly interface and vague functionality. ASUS mainboards are different in this respect as they come with a whole lot of various tools designed in a consistent style and combined under the common shell called ASUS AI Suite II. You don’t have to install all of the utilities. Just choose the ones you need.

After installing AI Suite II and rebooting your system, you will see a new icon in the bottom right, next to the clock. It opens as a panel.

You can click on the section buttons and then select the utility you want.

Or you can choose any utility from the menu that opens after a click with the right mouse button.

ASUS TurboV EVO is the first utility in the Tool section. This tool allows you to enter overclocked parameters, save them into a profile or trigger on automatic overclocking (in the Auto Tuning subsection).

We examined the ASUS DIGI+ Power Control utility in an earlier review, and you can see its old interface on the CPU Power Control and DRAM Power Control tabs. By default it opens on the Smart DIGI+ tab, though.

The default power consumption of our Intel Core i5-3570K processor is 77 watts but we can instantly lower it to 45 or even 35 watts. This is accomplished by limiting the top value of the CPU frequency multiplier at high load. This value is x36 by default, but when the CPU’s power consumption is limited to 45 and 35 watts, the frequency multiplier can get no higher than x22 and x18, respectively.

The ASUS EPU utility helps you find the optimal balance between performance and power consumption.

ASUS Fan Xpert 2 sets up the behavior of each fan individually. Unfortunately, the mainboard can only regulate CPU fans with 4-pin connectors.

The ASUS Probe II tool can be used to monitor the current values and set up permissible ranges for voltages, temperatures and fan speeds.

ASUS Probe II is complemented by ASUS Sensor Recorder which can build graphs to show how voltages, temperatures and fan speeds change over time. These data can be written into a file.

ASUS Wi-Fi GO! is a new set of utilities referring to the mainboard’s wireless capabilities. You can use them to connect to the PC from your smartphone or tablet and type in text, play music, share files, etc.

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