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Reviewing a mainboard is a multi-step process. First, you check out the manufacturer's website, read the user manuals, and glance through the BIOS update history. After accumulating some theoretical knowledge, you get down to actually examining the device. You assemble a testbed, update firmware, and see how the mainboard performs at its default settings and what its exclusive features and utilities can do. Overclocking is the most difficult step then, as it takes a lot of time to find the optimal settings and run stability tests. It is on this step that you usually encounter various problems and downsides. Reinstalling the OS and running performance and power consumption tests is like a respite after the strenuous overclocking experiments. It is only then that you get down to writing the actual review, compiling tables and preparing illustrations. Writing about a mainboard, you recall both good and bad impressions from your testing. And it often turns out that you describe the various advantages of the product in the body of the review and don’t want to repeat yourself in the conclusion. Instead, you just focus on the downsides, giving vent to the negative feelings you’ve accumulated.

Now, reaching the final step of our review, we find ourselves unable to complain about anything in case of ASUS P8Z77-V LK. Like any other product, it is not perfect, but it is actually free from significant downsides. Yes, two of its fan connectors may be hard to access. And some of its power-saving technologies are not turned on by default (but you can easily enable them manually). The mainboard couldn’t overclock our CPU to its maximum, but stopped very short of that mark. On the other hand, it features a handy PCB design, sufficient functionality, user-friendly BIOS, good performance and power consumption, and a modest price. Being perfectly suited for a modern PC, it doesn’t offer anything extraordinary but also has no functionality limitations. There are more expensive and sophisticated products, and there are simpler and cheaper ones, but the ASUS P8Z77-V LK is somewhere in between. We wouldn't call it a mediocrity. It’s rather closer to being the golden medium.

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