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Packaging and Accessories

Asus P8Z77-V LX mainboard comes in a box with the same design as other Asus mainboards on Intel Z77 Express. Although the photograph shows clearly how thin the box is and there is a logical explanation for that:

Inside the box there is a mainboard in the anti-static bag, and all accessories are arranged beneath the board and a cardboard separator pad. Everything seems to be quite common, but the cardboard sheet between the board and the accessories is noticeably longer and one of its sides is folder over the board creating some sort of a pocket. This pocket contains relatively thick SATA cables, while beneath the cardboard sheet you will find only the back panel I/O Shield, a DVD disk and instruction manuals, which barely take up any space in the box. This creative approach allowed significantly reducing the package thickness.

We have listed almost all the included accessories in the paragraph above:

  • Two Serial ATA cables with metal connector locks;
  • I/O Shield for the back panel;
  • User manual;
  • Brief assembly instructions booklet in multiple languages;
  • Reliability certificate listing all component testing methods;
  • DVD disk with software and drivers;
  • “Powered by Asus” sticker for the system case.


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