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Lately, when we started studying a new platform or began a series of reviews of mainboards based on a new chipset, we tried to gather several different mainboards in the first review, mostly from the top of the line-up. Of course, it is clear why we did it. Flagship mainboards accumulate all the goodness, feature the most extensive functionality. At the same time, comparing several different mainboards allows to single out leaders and determine what the advantages of each specific model are. This time we didn’t have this opportunity, because Asus P9X79 Deluxe is a startup unit as well, and will become a reference point for our further comparative articles. However, even in this difficult situation we can easily shape up our verdict about this product. And don’t be discouraged by several issues pointed out throughout the review. There are no ideal mainboards out there, but Asus P9X79 Deluxe was easy and pleasant to work with and our experience with it was highly positive. The manufacturer provided this mainboard with sufficient accessories, came up with a pretty good layout, equipped it with all necessary controllers. The BIOS has everything necessary for successful overclocking and system fine-tuning for optimal performance and power consumption. There is a variety of proprietary technologies, programs and utilities that will make your everyday life much easier. The comparison against the competitors’ solution is yet to come, but even at this time we can tell that Asus P9X79 Deluxe will be among the best boards out there and most likely even becomes an absolute winner.

Without denying what has been said in the introduction to this article, I have to admit that as I was getting more acquainted with the new platform my opinion about it genuinely improved. Of course, when you see that the new flagship processor is only 11% faster than the old one, it may not have that big of an effect on you. But do all of you have a thousand-dollar Intel Core i7-990X Extreme Edition CPU? Most likely there is one of the previous six-core processors in your system, such as Intel Core i7-970, for example. The new Core i7-3960X will be about 25% faster and it is a pretty significant difference already. If you overclock your six-core LGA 1366 processor, it will outperform the new LGA 2011 at the nominal frequencies, but overclocking will help LGA 2011 platform to regain its leadership. Therefore, purchasing a new Sandy Bridge-E processor may be a good and justified choice even if you currently have a six-core Gulftown. However, most of the LGA 1366 systems were built around the quad-core Bloomfield processors and replacing this platform with the new LGA 2011 will almost double the speed. It is up to you to decide whether upgrade is necessary or not, but one thing is definitely indisputable: LGA 2011 processors currently have no competitors in the desktop segment.

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