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It is always extremely interesting to review new mainboards. Each has its own set of features, its own distinguishing characteristics typical of the particular manufacturer and special mainboard model, each has its own character. Even if two boards are not very different from one another in their formal specifications, there will most likely still be difference in their performance in real applications. It is much more boring to test different mainboards from the same manufacturer based on the same chipset and belonging to the same series of products. As a rule, the differences between the solutions within the same series are in the variety and number of additional onboard controllers, in the cooling system design and the bundled accessories. Knowing from the previous review about the performance and behavior of the first tested mainboard, it is often possible to predict the way the next model will work. Nothing too exciting.

We have to admit that this time we were getting ready to review Asus Rampage Gene II mainboard without any serious expectations. We are already long familiar with the features and functionality of Asus P6T solution, so we didn’t expect to learn anything new. We could face certain limitations or issues connected with the smaller form-factor of the microATX mainboard. However, it turned out that we were seriously wrong in our anticipations. Both these mainboards are made by the same manufacturer and are based on the same Intel X58 Express chipset. But Asus P6T belongs to the common mainboard series and is the junior model in the lineup, while Asus Rampage Gene II mainboard is from “Republic of Gamers” series targeting gamers and enthusiasts. As a result, this exterior design of this mainboard as well as its features and BIOS functionality make is dramatically different from the larger in size but still younger sister. “One doesn’t have to be big to be efficient” – this saying describes Asus Rampage Gene II best of all. During our review we found out a lot of new things about this board, we really enjoyed working with it and we would like to share our terrific experience with you today.

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