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The “CPU Configuration” sub-section tells us the basic info about the processor and allows setting up some processor technologies.

“Monitor” section reports current temperatures, voltages and fan rotation speeds. You can select preset adjustment modes (Standard, Silent or Turbo) for the processor and case fans. Or you can also adjust the parameters manually.

The “Boot” section allows you to configure settings involved in system startup.

Next comes the “Tools” section.

It contains a built-in utility for BIOS updating called EZ Flash 2. It is one of the most convenient and functional programs of the kind. However, some things have gone worse after the transition to EFI BIOS. Namely, now it saves the current BIOS version in the root partition of the drive by default.

Just like the mainboards from other manufacturers, Asus Sabertooth 990FX allows us to view the information recorded in the memory modules SPD.

Asus mainboards allow saving and quickly loading eight full BIOS settings profiles. Each profile can be assigned a brief name reminding of its contents.

The last section is “Exit”, where you can apply the changes, load the default settings or return to the “EZ Mode”.

New Asus EFI BIOS is an excellent example of how the functionality of the old BIOS could be expanded without losing the existing convenience of use. Its major advantage, the numerous adjustable and configurable parameters, is also a drawback to some extent, because it may completely overwhelm and user. However, the settings in default mode are mostly optimal, so you can have a fine working system without changing anything at all. Unfortunately, some small issues, which we uncovered a few months ago already during our first encounter with Asus EFI BIOS haven’t been fixed yet. You can’t save the disabled startup logo in the settings profile, and the current BIOS version is now only saved in the root folder of the drive instead of the folder you select yourself. However, these aren’t really big problems, but mostly minor inconveniences, which do not really interfere with system configuring or overclocking.

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