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BIOS Setup

In our Asus P8P67 Pro review we have already discussed the new EFI BIOS that Asus started using on their new mainboards. The BIOS of Asus Sabertooth P67 didn’t have anything noticeably different, so today we are going to briefly remind you what it looks like and what functionality it has to offer. Please see the screenshots from all major sections below:




However, when we worked with the mainboard we uncovered a couple of small issues that surfaced during the transition to the new EFI BIOS. When we tried to restore the settings from the previously saved profile, the parameter responsible for displaying the startup image remained unchanged: the image was up even though it was supposed to be disabled in the profile. We successfully updated the BIOS to the latest available version at the time of tests with the help of the built-in EZ Flash 2 utility, however, now when we save the current BIOS version it is placed in the root folder of the drive.

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