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Well, now that we have discussed everything none of you have any more doubts that ASUS managed to design the best Nvidia nForce 680i SLI based mainboard so far. This is a pretty logical outcome I should say, keeping in mind that the only alternative to ASUS Striker Extreme (and its better value modification aka P2N32-E SLI) is the reference mainboard. Striker Extreme provides higher reliability and better overclockability of the FSB bus, according to our tests. Moreover, this mainboard boasts the whole lot of interesting features: excellent bundle, original cooling solution, advanced monitoring options, etc.

ASUS Striker Extreme mainboard from the Republic of Gamers series can also win quite a few fans due to its outstanding exterior design feature such as LED lightning and glowing buttons. However everything has its price. And so do these small pleasing trifle. ASUS Striker Extreme costs an unprecedented sum of over $300.

That is exactly the reason why we cannot sing the praises of this product. A mainboard selling at a price like that should be absolutely impeccable. However, in reality things are not that flawless at all. Even now, that the product has been selling for about 2 months, ASUS Striker Extreme mainboard is still far from the well-done stage, featuring frustrating flaws in the BIOS. Although these problems get solved little by little, the product is too expensive to prevent a certain degree of frustration on the users’ part.

However, the greatest drawback of ASUS Striker Extreme is that different mainboard units may demonstrate absolutely different operational parameters. While some Striker Extreme mainboards can easily hit super-high FSB frequencies, the other identical mainboards will stall at 450MHz FSB. This diversity of results is most likely connected with the chipset in the first place, and not with the mainboard manufacturing issues. However, the end users will not benefit from this knowledge: it is still the lottery, no matter who is organizing it.

As a result, we can only recommend ASUS Striker Extreme to those users who have unlimited budget and need an SLI configuration on Core 2 Duo processor. As for mainstream enthusiasts and overclockers, this is hardly the best choice. In fact, it is too expensive and doesn’t offer much better overclocking potential, features or stability than the other solutions available in the market.


  • Excellent performance;
  • Nvidia SLI support, three PCI Express x16 slots;
  • Outstanding accessories bundle;
  • Great for poorly lit places :)
  • Impeccable support of 1T Command rate setting and pseudo-asynchronous memory clocking.


  • Performance drop on FSB frequency increase beyond 420MHz;
  • Big difference between the selected and actual voltage settings in BIOS Setup;
  • High price.
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