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Packaging and Accessories

The new generation of ASUS mainboards look different from their predecessors and come in different packaging. The front side of the box with the Z87-K only shows the product’s name and a few logotypes. On the back, there is a picture of the mainboard, a brief list of its specifications and descriptions of its key features.

The ASUS Z87-K is one of the junior models, so it is rather simple overall. It doesn’t offer anything extraordinary and doesn’t have a lot of additional controllers. It has no displays, buttons or switches on board and is free of any special technologies, the consequence being that it is relatively inexpensive but provides a full set of basic capabilities. We guess that’s the main advantage of this model. Marketing has its own reasoning, though. It says that every product must have a remarkable sales point or even a few of them. That’s why we see the new 5X Protection logotype on the front of the box.

5X Protection covers a number of engineering solutions that make the mainboard more reliable and long-lasting such as protection against overloads, short circuits and electrostatic discharges. The digital voltage regulator DIGI+ delivers stable power while the solid-state capacitors and the steel I/O Shield coated with a thin layer of chromium oxide (to prevent corrosion) increase the service life of the mainboard.

The box with the ASUS mainboard is slimmer than usual thanks to the special way of contents packing. The sheet of cardboard that separates the mainboard and its accessories is long and bends above the mainboard, forming a kind of envelope. The latter contains SATA cables whereas the other accessories and documentation are at the bottom of the box. As a result, the box is very thin, which probably has some positive environmental impact.

There is just a basic minimum of accessories here:

  • Two Serial ATA cables with metal connector locks,one with an L-shaped connector lock and another with a straight one. One of these cables is specifically designed for SATA 6 Gbps devices (with white inserts in the connectors);
  • I/O Shield for the back panel;
  • User manual;
  • A brief assembly guide with instructions in several languages;
  • DVD disk with software and drivers;
  • “Powered by Asus” sticker for the system case.


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