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According to the production volumes, BIOSTAR Microtech Int'l Corp. is considered to be a second-tier manufacturer. However, Biostar mainboards in fact stand out among other similar solutions. The company didn’t fear the responsibility and took over the inexpensive overclocker mainboards segment after EPoX disappeared and abit almost left this market. Therefore, they created the whole mainboard series called T-series and this year launched T-Power series targeted for computer enthusiasts. 

Let’s take a quick look at the entire lineup of Biostar solutions based on Intel P45 Express chipset.

Biostar Mainboards on Intel P45 Express

Strange as it might seem, but we couldn’t find a “common” mainboard on Intel P45 Express among Biostar products. Even the junior model in the lineup – Biostar TP45D2-A7 – belongs to the T-series, i.e. features some overclocking-friendly functions.

However, Biostar TP45D2-A7 doesn’t look like an overclocker legend. The simple aluminum heatsinks on the chipset and the four-pin ATX12V processor power connector are not really impressive, and the solid-state capacitors in the CPU voltage regulator circuitry are no longer a distinguishing feature of elite mainboards and can very often be found on regular mainstream solutions, too.

Another T-series solution – Biostar TP45 HP – seems to be much more interesting. This mainboard has an 8-pin power connector instead of a four-pin one, 8-channel sound instead of 6-channel sound, heatpipes chipset cooling system and a second PCI express x16 graphics card slot.

Of course, the most advanced board from the functionality and features standpoint is the first solution from Intel processors in the T-Power series. It is called Biostar TPower I45.

Space-Pipe chipset cooling system now comes with a larger heatsink with a fan aka Cooler Harbor, so the whole system is now called Hybrid Space-Pipe. This mainboard has only solid-state capacitors, acquired several eSATA ports on the rear panel and had ICH10 South Bridge used on two previous models replaced with ICH10R.

So, what solution shall we pick for the introduction of new Biostar mainboards on Intel P45 Express chipsets to you? Of course, Biostar TPower I45 looks most impressive. However, all hardware reviewers out there will evidently focus on it and Biostar Company will put most of their marketing efforts into promoting this particular board. Therefore, we decided to take a closer look at Biostar TP45 HP that may be overshadowed by its senior counterpart.

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