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Biostar mainboards are continuously popular among enthusiasts on a budget due to several distinguishing peculiarities. First of all, these are very inexpensive mainboards. However, it is not so difficult to find an inexpensive mainboard these days. Take, for instance, products from ASRock or ECS, who have been long known for very democratic pricing strategies. Or you can go for a junior mainboard from Asus or Gigabyte, who always offer diverse product line-ups for each platform with different features and price. The choice of a specific mainboard model will be strictly determined by the number of functions you are ready to give up for the sake of lower price. This is when the second peculiarity of Biostar products comes in: they are indeed very affordable, but at the same time they are very functional. If you decide on a Biostar mainboard you won’t need to sacrifice almost anything. At a price of the junior models from the leading manufacturers, their functionality is identical to that of the mainstream and sometimes even high-end solutions. These mainboards meet all contemporary requirements in their technical specifications, have advanced BIOS functionality, boast their own versions of various technologies, which we are already familiar with from the mainboards by other makers. Therefore, new Biostar mainboards always inspire genuine interest. So, what’s new about this model? How did they manage to offer extensive functionality at a lot price in this case? Read our today’s review of the new Biostar TP67XE mainboard for LGA1155 platform based on Intel P67 Express chipset to find answers to all your questions.

Package and Accessories

Biostar TP67XE mainboard ships in a red box covered in logos for all supported functions and technologies.



Inside the box you find the board wrapped in an antistatic bag and the following accessories:

  • Three SATA cables with metal connector locks;
  • Power adapter for SATA devices;
  • Flexible bridge fir 2-way AMD CrossFire graphics configurations;
  • Hard bridge for 2-way Nvidia SLI graphics configurations;
  • Additional bracket with two USB 3.0 ports;
  • I/O Shield for the back panel;
  • User manual;
  • CD disk with drivers and software;
  • Biostar-branded velcro tie.

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