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Power Consumption

We performed our power consumption measurements using an Extech Power Analyzer 380803. This device is connected before the PSU and measures the power draw of the entire system (without the monitor), including the power loss that occurs in the PSU itself. In the idle mode we start the system up and wait until it stops accessing the hard disk. Then we use LinX to load CPU. For a more illustrative picture there are graphs that show how the computer’s power consumption in nominal and overclocked modes increases depending on the number of active execution threads in LinX.

One more time we see that the results are very close. The mainboards show very similar power readings in each of the test modes.


In the introductory part of our today’s review we said that we really liked Biostar mainboards for the rare combination of low price and excellent functionality. Unfortunately, Biostar TP67XE is just an inexpensive mainboard with the functionality matching its price point. It is obviously behind the mainstream, not to mention high-end solutions. We were mostly upset about the reduced BIOS functionality and some obvious issues in it, failure to overclock the CPU to its maximum, as well as somewhat outdated proprietary software bundled with the board. An overclocker mainboard could definitely use more than three fan connectors, two of which aren’t monitored at all, by the way. For some reason the LEDs for the voltage regulator phases activity monitoring didn’t work and one of the heatsinks heated up substantially. At the same time, the board is pretty good from the overall standpoint. It has a good accessories bundle, it is very well designed, supports all contemporary functions and interfaces, but is not overloaded with additional controllers. It works well in nominal mode and even allows overclocking processors. We reviewed Biostar TP67XE mainboard revision 5.0, but there is revision 5.1 already available, which is based on a new chipset with the fixed Serial ATA controller issue. Yes, it is a good and affordable mainboard with overclocking functionality, but we personally expected a little more from a Biostar product.

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