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Unlike ASUSTeK Computer or Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), DFI Company can’t boast billions of dollars in revenue from the sales of their overclocker mainboards. However, DFI’s LANPARTY brand has more significance in the market than ASUS’ Republic of Gamers. At least, Google search engine returns over 2.5 million links for “DFI LANPARTY” inquiry and only around 2 million links for “Republic of Gamers”. No wonder, since DFI LANPARTY UT and LANPARTY LT mainboard series have been popular among overclocking and modding fans for a long time now. DFI Infinity mainboard series hides in the shade of the well-known LANPARTY brand, however, it is now being renamed to a better sounding “Blood Iron”. These are less ambitious mainboards, they are targeted for commencing overclockers and feature only basic overclocking-friendly functions.

DFI mainboard fans used to have only two choices: a not very expensive and not very overclocking-advanced mainboard from the Infinity/Blood Iron series, or a LANPARTY UT or LT mainboard with all possible and impossible overclocking related functionality available at a pretty high price. Now, however, they started to roll out new boards known as LANPARTY DK. “DK” is an abbreviation from the word “Dark”, so the boards from this series use dark-colored textolite. Unlike LANPARTY UT and LT, the new boards do not have Thermalright chipset cooling systems, so we hope that their retail price will become more affordable. However, there is no need to worry about the cooling efficiency: LANPARTY DK boards do not use simple heatsinks like Infinity/Blood Iron series. They are equipped with cooling solutions using heatpipe technology. And since these boards also belong to LANPARTY series, their overclocking-related functionality promises to be pretty advanced, too.

So, we can conclude, though preliminarily, than new DFI LANPARTY DK mainboards should be a little less expensive but should retain advanced overclocking-friendly features typical of other LANPARTY solutions. At this point, these are only our suppositions, but our today’s review of the new DFI LANPARTY DK X48-T2RS mainboard will show if we are right.

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