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We have been very enthusiastic about DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 right from the start and for a pretty long time, however, by the end the excitement has slightly faded away. The mainboard’s indisputable advantages are its small size, superb functionality and very successful PCB layout. We were very pleased with traditionally extensive BIOS functionality and the description of the DFI’s specific BIOS settings that we have all been waiting for for a long time. It was amazing that a small mainboard like that allowed us to overclock our CPU to 3.9GHz – a result we couldn’t obtain on some full-size boards.

It is a very impressive list of merits, however, DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 is not totally ideal and has a few drawbacks that should be mentioned here. We have to start with suspiciously low performance in nominal mode. The board increases the processor Vcore under heavy load. Maybe this is exactly why we couldn’t overclock our CPU to its maximum and registered increased power consumption. Besides, the mainboard didn’t allow us to increase the memory frequency too much during overclocking, which again affected the overall system performance quite negatively.

The total score will depend on the fact how important are the above listed drawbacks of the DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 mainboard for your specific situation and how valuable are its advantages. If you asked our opinion, we would recommend this mainboard first of all to the owners of small system cases that need high performance in multi-threaded environments. Today only Intel Core i7 processors can guarantee such high performance and overclocker DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 will suit perfectly for them. However, small and compact system cases are usually associated with low levels of power consumption and low noise, which you can hardly count on with a hot and power-hungry Nehalem based processor. Especially, if you intend to overclock it and stick into a small system case.

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