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Power Consumption

We used Extech Power Analyzer 380803 for our power consumption measurements. This device is connected before the system PSU, i.e. it measures the power consumption of the entire system without the monitor, including the power losses that occur in the PSU itself. When we took the power readings in idle mode, the system was completely idle: there were even no requests sent to the hard drive at that time. We used Fritz Chess Benchmark to load the CPU and FurMark utility to load the graphics card and recorded the maximum readings.

The results of our DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6 power consumption measurements also turned out very diverse. DFI mainboard consumed much more power than Asus P6T in nominal mode, no matter what the load is. As we have already mentioned in our previous articles, Asus mainboards for Intel platform suffer from a very typical issue that is why during overclocking the processor core voltage doesn’t lower anymore in idle mode. That is why power consumption comparison during overclocking looks better for DFI LanParty JR X58-T3H6, but even in this case it requires more power than Asus board when the CPU is fully utilized. These problems may be occurring because of the excessive CPU Vcore increase under load that we have already mentioned before.

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