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The new year of 2011 is about to arrive and its first days are going to embrace an announcement of Intel’s new LGA1155 processors along with new chipsets and new mainboards for them. Having never established itself as the dominating platform, the LGA1156 infrastructure is going to become outdated. It doesn’t spell a death sentence for the platform which is good in many respects, though. The existing systems will keep on working and you will be able to easily build a new LGA1156-based computer by choosing any of the numerous CPU models with varying performance and price and any of the various mainboards available. We will discuss one such mainboard in this review.

We already know that a modern computer is not necessarily a huge tower standing on your desk or floor. It is quite possible to assemble even a high-performance configuration in a small system case. Diminutive form-factors are especially appropriate when you are not going to use your computer for heavy computations. That’s why small mainboards of the mini-ITX form-factor, measuring 17x17 centimeters, have become so popular. We began our reviews of them with the Zotac H55-ITX WiFi, then took a look at the Intel DH57JG, and finally tested the Gigabyte GA-H55N-USB3. But we are not finished yet as we’ve got an ECS H55H-I mainboard on our hands. We haven’t tested mainboards from Elitegroup Computer Systems for a long while, which makes this test session the more exciting. A review of that particular model has also been requested by our readers, so we are pleased to oblige.

Packaging and Accessories

The small box with ECS H55H-I is all covered with logotypes of CPUs, features, technologies and software tools. A photo of the mainboard and a brief summary of its capabilities can be found on the back of the box.

Besides the mainboard, the box contains a user manual, a poster with installation instructions, two Serial ATA cables with metallic locks and L-shaped connectors, an I/O shield, and a DVD with software and drivers.

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