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The times when each mainboard required the whole bunch of additional expansion cards have long passed. Contemporary chipset features are rich enough for the manufacturers to design full functional products that hardly need any additional controllers to be integrated on them. The mainboards are ready to rock right from the start and in most cases their features are more than enough for most user needs, even if it is a budget solution.

The list of technical specifications given above give you a pretty general idea of the mainboard features. I don’t know if you can actually find any drawbacks in it at all. But at first glance I could probably mention such omissions as the absence of an IEEE1394 controller that is currently available on most contemporary mainboards. It is not a significant drawback that can actually be balanced out by a not very significant advantage, namely the availability of the infra-red IrDA ports, that isn’t available on most mainboards these days any more.

Package and Accessories

ECS P35T-A mainboard comes in a box designed exactly the same way as any other contemporary Elitegroup mainboard:


The box is very thin, because there are very few accessories inside. The manufacturer supplies the mainboard with a user’s manual, installation poster, a CD disk with drivers, one IDE and one SATA cable, and I/O Shield for the rear panel. One piece of each, and no FDD cable at all (although you will hardly need it these days anyway).

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